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NEW BB&S Controllers  

Two new BB&S Controller replaces the original BB&S 4-Way Controller. Now available in a dedicated Bi-Color(2x4-Pin) Configuration as well as the original Single Color(4x3-Pin) version.  
The updated inclosure allows us to provide an all-in-one solution with the PSU mounted inside the Controller. 
BB&S Controllers are completely flicker-free and can be used for high-speed recording when used with BB&S fixtures. 

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Reflect Bi-Color Series   

The Reflect Bi-Color is the latest addition to the BB&S studio lighting system including the Pipeline Reflect remote phosphor, Compact beamlight single or Bi-Color as well as the CFL Bi-Color completing a full range of single-color lighting fixtures as well as a full range of Bi-color Lighting fixtures to fit all positions in a studio lighting setup.
Available as 2-Foot, 4-Foot, 2-Foot 2-Bank & 4-Foot 2-Bank

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BB&S Compact Fresnel Light 

The new BB&S Compact Fresnel Light is available now.    The CFL tweaks from 2700K-5600K like the CBL-Bi-Color now with   Zoom capability from 12° to 52° and a professional fresnel lens, the new CFL joins the BB&S' Compact Family. 

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Compact Fresnel Light

#BB&S Explained 

Get to know the BB&S Compact Fresnel Light (CFL) with Lars Nissen & Peter Plesner from BB&S on this episode of BB&S Explained. 

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BB&S Lighting Studio Brochure. 
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Area 48, CBL-1, K7 Twist, Force 7, Pipeline Reflect and more!  .

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Browse through the latest BB&S gear including the new Area48/96 Color 
Pipelines, Reflect series, Compact Beamlights, Force 7 & K7 Twist. 

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Lighting Architecture

BB&S Lighting Architectural Brochure. 

Browse through the latest BB&S installation pictures showing: 
Area 48, CBL-1, K7 Twist, Force 7, Pipeline Reflect and more! 


BB&S Lighting - Movies

BB&S Lighting has been providing Hollywood Studio Blockbuster Movies with our LED lighting for years.

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