Pipeline Raw

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BB&S Pipeline Raw

Pipeline LED System Features

• Ultra High TLCI of 95+

• Available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K

• Extremely high light output

• 10 Watt Draw

• Wide 180º light dispersion

• Flicker-free dimming from 100%-0

• Silent operation (no fan)

• Rugged Aluminum Frame

Connector: Neutric XLR 3pin Male  
Power Draw: 10W draw 
Connector: Neutric XLR 3pin Male  
Power Draw: 20W draw 
Connector: Neutric XLR 3pin Male   
Power Draw: 30W draw 
Connector: Neutric XLR 3pin Male   
Power Draw: 40W draw 

BB&S 4-Way Controller (SKU#3698)

The BB&S 4-way controller Offers 4x40 Watts Channels, powering up to 4x 40W fixtures on one unit. The 4-Way controller offers Full DMX & RDM capabilities. And ensures perfect dimming for eg. High Speed Shooting. 

Pipeline Manual Dimmer 1,2,3 & 4-Foot 

The Manual dimmer offers simpel local control over one unit, with DC power. Enabling users to run their unit on D-tap from a Battery. 

Pipelines in Action

Pictures from the real world

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