Once upon a time in Denmark 

In 1999 more precisely, two lighting designer friends who felt like brothers set out on a mission... Tired of always working with fixtures with terrible color rendition or loud fans that would interrupt a show or get caught on soundtracks, they thought... hey, we can do this better ourselves!

So they started developing their own lighting fixtures to match the shows they were hired to do. And this was the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with memory-making moments... and a lot of prestigious awards;-)


Peter & Thomas
Picture from 1999

The two brothers by heart were Peter Plesner & Thomas Brockman. Peter has been doing opera and theatre lighting design since 1980, Thomas has been doing big concert shows for just as long, and is partly responsible for the MA GrandMa as well 

In-house expertise at BB&S

  • Production
  • Sales & distribution
  • Industrial design
  • Lighting Design 
  • CAD-facilities
  • Electronics
  • Product & user interface specification
  • Prototyping