K7 Twist


Box contains 6 pcs. magnetic K7 with 2,5 meter cable bare ends, narrow optics, honeycombs, o-rings, and angle bracket

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Size matters and looks count 

The K7 is compact, highly versatile and just plain cool. 
Designed for easy focusing and a great quality of light.

The K7 has become very popular as set and museum display lighting. It takes up very little space and delivers a wide range of lighting option.

The K7 is attached via a strong neodymium magnet and can be focused in any direction. Beam control is obtained by the use of quick change lenses and honeycombs.

The K7 comes with a 3W LED at 2700ºK, 3000ºK or 4000ºK LED. With a diameter of 35mm the K7 is suitable for most setups.

Max. Forward Current: 700 mA 
Typical Forward Voltage: 2.9 V
2700K Min. Flux at 700 mA:160 lm
3000K Min. Flux at 700 mA: 237 lm 
4000K Min. Flux at 700 mA: 237 lm

0-10V Dimmable LED Driver

Diameter: 35 mm / 1.38”
Weight: 50 g / 0.11 lbs

THERMAL Ambient Operating Temperature:
0-40°C / 0-104°F

AC Drivers for K7 Twist

Mean Well LCM_25 
(25Watt driver runs up to 8 K7’s on full power)  

Mean Well LCM_40
(40Watt driver runs up to 13 K7’s on full power)

Mean Well LCM_60
(60Watt driver runs up to 20 K7’s on full power)

DMX Controller/Decoder

Ltech LT-858-CC  (4 Channel DMX Controller/Decoder)

Option to run K7’s on individual DMX Channels.

Note!: The controller(s) needs a PSU equivalent to the power usage of the total amount of K7.

Example #1: 4x4K7 = 4x4x3Wx1Amp = 48Watt

Example #1: 4x10K7 = 4x10x3Wx1Amp = 120Watt  

(Please contact BB&S if you need a quote on PSUs that matches your project) 

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K7 Twist 

In Action 
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