BB&S Reflect Single Color

Part of the BB&S Reflect Series

The Reflect as you know it in a sleek new housing!

The Reflect Single Color Softlights are available in 3 configurations, 1-Bank, 2-Bank & 4-Bank in various lengths up to 4-feet in 3200K and 5600K. Reflect incorporates superior quality reflectors offering optimal control, and light despersion spanning a 90 degree angle. All luminaires are convection cooled and have a power draw of 10W pr. foot keeping the operationg cost at a minimum.  

The Reflect Series, featuring BB&S LED Remote Phosphor Technolegy, presents a versatile and cost-effective soft lighting solution. The series stand out for its versatility, compact design, and effiency, making it an attractive option for both small-scale and large-scale lighting projects. 



Available in: 

1-Foot, 2-Foot, 3-Foot & 4-Foot 



Available as: 

2-Foot 2-Bank & 4-Foot 2-Bank  


Available as: 

1-Foot 4-Bank & 2-Foot 4-Bank  

Remote Phosphor



Quality Reflectors 

Convection Cooled 


BB&S Reflect Single Color Power Options 

BB&S Single Color Controller 

The BB&S Single Color Controller - DMX512/RDM. - 4x 3-Pin. 
Power up to 4 units. 

For use with: 
1-Foot, 2-Foot, 3-Foot, 4-Foot, 2-Foot 2-Bank & 1-Foot 4-Bank 

BB&S Bi-Color Controller  

The BB&S Bi-Color Controller - DMX512/RDM. - 2x 4-Pin. 
Power up to 2 units. 

For use with: 
2-Foot 4-Bank & 4-Foot 2-Bank

BB&S Manual Dimmers  

BB&S manual dimmers are available for:

1-Foot, 2-Foot, 3-Foot, 4-Foot, 2-Foot 2-Bank & 1-Foot 4-Bank