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Copenhagen, Denmark 

  "Reflect Color Studio and Reflect Color are the premier lighting fixtures to fill any position in a high-density environment, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, it delivers consistent, high-quality illumination tailored to meet the demanding needs of professional broadcasting, and scene environments. Its versatility allows it to be seamlessly integrated into various setups, from newsrooms to production sets, guaranteeing optimal lighting conditions that enhance visual clarity and audience engagement"

Cyclorama Installation


360 Reflect Colors installed as Backlit Cyclorama at a Public-service Television Broadcaster in Germany


Versatile Performance in any position

Backlit cyclorama, Key light, Backlight, Fill light, Set lighting, and Foot light – 

All effortlessly achieved with the versatile Reflect Color & Reflect Color  Studio

Compact Powerhouses

Reflect Color is a versatile and discreet lighting solution, easily mountable almost anywhere, including studio ceilings. Despite its compact 2-foot linear design, it delivers an impressive 5500 lumens of white light and weighs just 3.6kg (7.9lbs).

Reflect Color Studio offers up to 8900 lumens of white light. This 2-foot linear fixture remains lightweight at only 5kg (11lbs), making it ideal for professional studio environments.

From semihard to supersoft

Seamlessly transitioning from semihard to supersoft illumination.
At its core is a built-in color mixing chamber, meticulously engineered to deliver exquisite mixed color rendition. This chamber, paired with a steep silver-coated semi-diffused reflector, precisely sculpts a controlled 

semihard 100 x 60-degree beam, perfectly suited for the 16:9 format. Sliding in the included secondary diffuser transforms the beam into a circular 120-degree supersoft beam.

Experience Real Colors

Explore the sophisticated color capabilities with the richness of deep blue, the intensity of double Deep Ruby Red, the lushness of medium green, and the purity of warm and cold white lighting options. Each color is meticulously calibrated for optimal performance and the richest skin tones.

These lighting options offer unparalleled versatility and precision, ensuring your projects benefit from the highest quality illumination.

DMX512 RDM Operation

Both products are equipped with DMX512 and RDM (Remote Device Management) capabilities, ensuring precise control and seamless setup directly from your lighting desk. This allows you to effortlessly customize lighting settings for optimal performance, making them ideal for professional studio environments.  

Reflect Color

The Reflect Color is a versatile, convection-cooled fixture powered by a 6-unit hybrid power supply unit (PSU). It is designed for large-scale scenarios and can be used either horizontally or vertically through an interlocking system. This makes it ideal for applications such as cycloramas, backlighting, and footlighting. 

The Reflect Color system is known for its low weight and small footprint, allowing it to be installed in tight and delicate spaces with ease. Additionally, the Reflect Color can be mounted on tracks using the Onetrack system, providing further flexibility in its use.

Reflect Color Studio

The Reflect Color Studio is a super silent, forced-cooled fixture that comes with an integrated PSU, truecon and Dmx in & out for daisy-chaining. It has a dramatically enhanced output compared to the convection-cooled Reflect Color making it a perfect choice for use as a single unit for Keylight, Backlight, Fillight and Set lighting.

The need for high output on greater distances is where demand can be met by mounting the Reflect Color Studio in clusters, thanks to the array rigging solution. This makes the Reflect Color Studio a highly adaptable lighting solution for a wide range of applications.

Power & Operation - Reflect Color 

Power & Operation - Reflect Color Studio 

Forced Cooling

Convection Cooled

From Semi hard to Super Soft

Sliding in the included secondary diffuser transforms the beam into a circular 120-degree supersoft beam.

Specifications - Reflect Color Studio 

 Specifications - Reflect Color

DMX Modes

Mounting / Rigging Solutions 

Mini Yoke

Available for:
Reflect Color & Reflect Color Studio

Track Mount

Available for:
Reflect Color 

Linear & Horizontal

Available for:
Reflect Color & Reflect Color Studio


Available for:
 Reflect Color Studio

For more info check out the Reflect Color & Reflect Color Studio Datasheets 

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