BB&S 4-Way Controller

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    4 Channel 40W LED Driver DMX512/RDM

    Pipeline 4-way controller with DMX 512 in/out, Strobe and 48 Volt PSU with locking PowerCon True 1 AC cord. The 4-Way Controller also has a 4-Pin power out for wireless control.

    The 4-Way Controller has 4 each 40 watt channels that can power 4 each 1' Raw Pipes per channel or 2 each 2' Raw Pipes per channel;  1 each 3' Raw Pipe per channel; 1 each 4' Raw Pipe per channel; 1 each 2' 2-Bank per channel or all sizes in the Reflect Series 1' to 8'. The 4-Way Controller can also power 4 Compact Beamlights.

    You can purchase additional 8', 16' or 25' shielded extension cables. The 4-Way Controller comes with a 48 Volt power supply and a PowerCon True-1 locking AC cable.

    Compatible with:
    Pipeline Raw (1-4-F) 
    Pipeline Reflect (1-4 Foot + 6&8-Foot, uses 2 channels with the use of a XLR 4-Pin to 2x XLR 3-Pin split cable)
    Compact BeamLight-1 .

    Compact Beamlight-1  bi-Color   (uses 2 channels with the use of a XLR 4-Pin to 2x XLR 3-Pin split cable)
    DMX in/out for Daisy-Chaining
    8 / 16 Bit Dimming 0 - 100% 
    Standard Dimming in 8-Bit resolution uses 1 DMX Channel 
    High Resolution Dimming in 16-Bit resolution uses 2 DMX Channels   
    Mode is Selectable via Digital Display (See manual for further instructions) 

    I/O Connectors 
    4 x 3-Pin XLR Female, Fixture outputs  
    1 x 5-Pin XLR Male, DMX input
    1 x 5-Pin XLR Female, DMX Out 
    1 x 4-Pin XLR Male, Power In  
    1 x 4-Pin XLR female, Optional Remote input 

    Input 48V from PSU - 100-240 VAC, 50/60hz  
    Power draw at Full Power 

    17.2 x 13,2 x 6,2 cm

    0,69 kg 

    Ambient Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C


    4-Way Controller Explained 

    Get to know the BB&S 4-Way Controller with Lars Nissen from Brother, Brother & Sons in Copenhagen. On this episode of BB&S Explained.