BB&S Controller, incl. Powercon True1 to male cable 2 m.

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BI-Color Controller


Single Color Controller

New BB&S Controllers

Two new BB&S Controllers replace the original BB&S 4-Way Controller. To accommodate the growing BB&S Bi-Color lineup, the new controller are available in a dedicated Bi-Color(2x 4-Pin) Configuration as well as the original Single Color(4x 3-Pin) version. This obsoletes the use of split cables and streamlines the look of installations.  

The updated enclosure allows us to provide an all-in-one solution with the PSU mounted inside the Controller, perfect for studio installations. 

BB&S Controllers are completely flicker-free and can be used for high-speed recording when used with BB&S fixtures. 

BB&S Single Color Controller

For use with BB&S Single Color Luminaires 

4x 3-Pin XLR (Single Channel) 

For use with 4 Single Color BB&S Fixtures 

Build-in PSU

Power Con True1 Power Cable Included 


DMX 512 with Remote Device Management

BB&S Single Color Luminairs

BB&S Pipeline Raw
Pipeline Raw 1-Foot - 4pcs  

Pipeline Raw 2-Foot - 4pcs

Pipeline Raw 3-Foot - 4pcs
Pipeline Raw 4-Foot - 4pcs
Pipeline Raw 1-Foot 4-Bank - 4pcs
Pipeline Raw 2-Foot 2-Bank - 4pcs 

BB&S Pipeline Reflect 
Pipeline Reflect 1-Foot - 4pcs  

Pipeline Reflect 2-Foot - 4pcs  

Pipeline Reflect 3-Foot - 4pcs  
Pipeline Reflect 4-Foot - 4pcs  
Pipeline Reflect 6-Foot - 4pcs 

Pipeline Reflect 8-Foot - 4pcs  

Pipeline Reflect 2-Foot 2-Bank - 4pcs  

Pipeline Reflect 4-Foot 2-Bank - 2pcs

Pipeline Reflect 6-Foot 2-Bank - 1pcs 
Pipeline Reflect 8-Foot 2-Bank - 1pcs  


BB&S Compact Beams

Compact Beamlight Single-Color - 4pcs 

Compact Fresnel Light Single-Color - 4pcs 

BB&S BI-Color Controller

For use with BB&S Bi-Color Luminaires